Mirrors €35--€150
Clocks €35--€65
Candleholders €20 {including Duffy & Scott candle}
Slate plates €20
Coasters €20
Pendants €19.50
Clocks, Candleholders,Slate plates,Coasters,Pendants and small mirrors include natural
corregated cardboard boxes with woodwool and raffia for packaging.

When you choose product slate type along with dimensions, Contact
Pat by email or phone.
Size approiximate,
Mirrors.. Any size from 8" to 30"x20"
Clocks.. 6"x4".. 8".10".
Slate plates.. 10"x9"..12"x10"
Coasters..4 of 4"x4"
For a unique Irish gift these products are
suitable for all occasions.
Corporate, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays,Christmas.